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My Opinion on the Sexual Abuse Allegations


This past week a number of YouTubers, all of which I have spent at least a small amount of time with but none of whom I’d necessarily consider to be my close friends, have been accused of sexually abusing their fans.

Now, so far pretty much all my posts have been focussing on the possibility of

Tomska you beauty. This is possibly one of the most horrific situations I’ve ever had to read, to think that people who I trusted have torn that trust into tiny shreds is revolting. 

The thing that makes me feel so disgusted is the fact that they are Youtubers. They’re not celebrities. No offence to them, but they just simply aren’t. They are people who are known. Some very well, some not so much. But the fact that they have such intimate fan-bases is what makes people like Youtubers. They connect with their audiences personally, they don’t just do their work for the money (as far as I’m aware), they do it to see those 8 year old kids commenting how much they love them and how great they are.

The problem with this thing is that these Youtubers are abusing power that they shouldn’t even have. They’re supposed to be our equals. It’s called YOUtube. It’s about being together as one, well “you” - one person. But instead we have disgusting people feeling the need to make themselves above everyone else, in the most sickening way possible.

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